A well crafted suit in itself is enough to make a statement. However, sometimes, accessorizing the suit is just as important as wearing the suit itself. Properly paired accessories complete the elegant and sleek look that you want and will make you stand out of the rest of the men who just wear a simple suit. Accessories are the perfect complement to any outfit. They do not only personalize your look but also polish the dapper look you are looking for. They tend to highlight your personality, the type of man you are and your perspective towards life.


Here is our simple guide as to how to accessorize you suit.



A tie is the most popular accessory that completes the suit and gives off an elegant look. Choose a tie such that it complements your shirt and should, as a general rule, be of a contrast colour. The pattern should be chosen depending upon the occasion. For business and professional meetings you should ideally go with a solid, striped or checked pattern. Weddings, dinners and parties would allow for vibrant coloured and patterned ties. Match the width of your tie with that of your lapel and it should just touch the belt buckle.


Tie clips

Tie clip keeps your tie in place and helps protect it from crease and wrinkles and ensures that the tie hangs straight. But, a properly chosen tie clip, apart from being functional, also adds a clean and finished look to a suit. Gold and silver plated designs work best. Colour should match your belt buckle.


Pocket squares

Pocket squares add colour, personality, comfort and style to your suit. Neckties and pocket squares often come in matching sets to give a clean and polished look. However, it is not necessary that the pocket square must always match the tie. Complementary and contrast colour sometimes works wonder for your suit. But, while choosing colour and pattern always make sure that it enhances the overall look and adds sophistication to your already smart suit. 10 by 10 inches is an ideal size.


Lapel pins and Lapel flowers

A lapel pin is a small pin worn on the lapel of a jacket. The lapel pin is the modern equivalent of a boutonnière. Lapel pins can be worn at any occasion and come in various shapes, sizes and design. Lapel flowers are the most common of them. Your lapel flower should complement or accent colours in your existing suit, and not necessarily be a direct match. Lapel pins are sometime worn to show the wearer's affiliation with an organization or cause.



The bespoke suit are so well fitted that you don’t have to wear a belt to support your pants. Most of the modern day suit trousers don’t even have the belt loop. If your trouser does have belt loops then you should be wearing a belt. Go for a leather belt, designer preferably, and match its colour with your shoes. A single colour leather belt with a silver buckle works for most of the suits. Never ever use fancy buckles and make them look prominent. The right belt, when worn in accordance with the colour of your shoes, can really help accentuate your suiting ensemble and have you stand out.




Shoes: Black footwear can complement virtually any colour suit that you have. Brown and burgundy can also be suitable depending upon the colour of your suit.


Briefcase: While the type and style of your bag is your personal choice but you must always match its colour with that of your shoes. Leather should be the preferable material of your bag.


Watch: You must not wear a sports watch while donning your suit. The colour of strap must match to that of your shoes.


Socks: As a rule, it is always advisable to wear socks that appear as an extension of your pants. That is, socks should blend harmoniously into the visual line created by the pants leg. If you are wearing a grey suit and black shoes, go with dark gray socks instead of black. Brightly coloured and patterned socks are generally not considered to be elegant or modern, but on the right guy and with the right outfit, they can be unique, sexy, and attention getting. Also patterned socks should be paired with plain suits.