Remember, you suit is the cynosure of every party and occasion, it can be expensive, after all it is something that transforms you into a king. But what remains the most troubling part with these expensive outfit is their maintenance over the years. When you are not wearing it, you cannot just wrap it up and store it away. A sheer lack of knowledge about how to take care of it will certainly spoil the fibers and the fabric. We have to take good care of them to increase their life and longevity.


Here are the tips to take proper care of your suit and prolong its life.



Dry-clean only when it is absolutely necessary. Once every six month should be fine. Over-dry-cleaning is strictly not allowed. The chemical used will wear away the natural fibers, weaken them and take some years off. For normal dust and stains, spot clean with soft towel and water.



Use a proper cloth brush after every wear and before you are about to don your suit. This will not allow the dust to settle and also help remove minor marks and stains.


Steam Ironing

Always steam iron your suit. Iron them regularly. This helps to keep it wrinkle free and opens up the fibers. Never use a hot dry iron unless and until it is specifically required, as this may burn the fibers and add an irregular sheen to the fabric. In either case if you are not able to get it right, then get it done from a professional hand.



Always use a thick wooden or plastic hanger with rounded edges. This will help to keep the suit in shape and maintain its drape. Also it will help the suit to dry from any moisture absorbed during its use.



Before you pack your suit and put it away for next season, first get it dry cleaned. Put it in a suit bag and then hand it in your wardrobe. While travelling, use suitcases specially designed for suits. Hold the suit jacket upright, pop in one shoulder and pull it inside-out. Tuck the other shoulder into the inside-out shoulder, folding the jacket until the lapels line up. Finally, fold the jacket in half until the top of the shoulders lines up with the bottom of the jacket.


Avoid Overloading pockets

Avoid overloading your pockets, inner or outer. Not only the pocket bags wear out, it also makes the suit lose its shape.


Keep extra trousers

Trousers tend to wear out much earlier than the jackets. So, it is always advisable to keep an extra trouser for your suit. That is, the more you alternate between the trousers, longer is the life of your suit.


Rotate your suits

Do not over use a suit. Repeatedly wearing the same suit over and over again will hasten up its wear and tear and considerably shorten it life. It is always a good option to rotate between your suits.