Sometimes even an expensive suit doesn’t give you the sleek look that you have been looking for. The reason could not be some flaw with your suit itself but probably you are wearing it the wrong way. It is very important to get it right when you are wearing a suit.  Here is a handy guide as to how to wear a suit to get that super sleek look. 


The OSCAR’s guidelines as to HOW TO WEAR A SUIT


The last button of your jacket should always be kept open

Whether you are wearing a two-button suit or a three-button suit, single breasted or double breasted, the last button must always be kept opened. Only the middle button is closed. Rest are only for style and aesthetic purposes.


Unbutton the jacket before sitting down

Always unbutton your jacket before sitting down. Apart from being comfortable it will also protect the shape of your jacket.


Shirt should always be buttoned at the top

All the buttons of the shirt should be closed. It will give you a sleek look and help your tie rest perfectly on your neck.

The shirt cuffs should be narrow enough to rest at the start of the thumb, i.e. at the wrist joint. The sleeves of your suit jacket should meet past the wrist but should end before the shirt sleeve.


The perfect tie

Color of the tie should always be in contrast with your suit. Knot size should not be too big and the tie dimple should be adjusted. Length of the should be such that it end just before the buckle of the belt. Width of your tie should match the width of the lapel of your jacket.


Always contrast your pocket square with your suit.

Light colour pocket square with a dark colour suit and vice-versa. Also the pocket square should be properly ironed and properly tucked in.


Match the Shoe and Belt with your suit

Avoid too much of contrast. If you are mixing the color of your suit and shoes always make sure that they do complement each other. In any case, the color of shoes should always match the color of the belt.


Socks: Should cover your leg and do not wear white socks.


Waistcoat should finish just at the belt.

Bottom button of the vest should always be unbuttoned.