A Bespoke suit is one that is created and crafted from the crunch. Right from choosing the fabric, the styles and detailing like lapels, vents, buttons and everything imaginable to your specific body measurements keeping in mind your body shape and posture, you have complete creative control over your suit. Oscar’s bespoke, thus offers the opportunity to develop a truly individual garment.

Our expert bespoke tailor would lay down pattern chalk is out onto the fabric based on exact specification as discussed with you. The fabric is then cut and baste is prepared for your first fitting. The baste allows for the larger alterations before the suit is completed. Final adjustments are made if any required and the suit is finished for you to wear.


With Oscar bespoke suit you get the following advantages.


The Perfect Fit

Oscar suits are cut and constructed to the specific personal measurements, requirements and body type of the clients allowing them to select the personal details focusing on their natural fit giving you comfort and confidence. After all, the biggest benefit of bespoke is the fit.


The Fabric

You have the complete control over fabric selection. You can choose anything from pure wool Super 112s to 180s, as well as mohair, silk, and cashmere blends, cotton or linen. We have a collection of finest fabrics produced by Italian and British mills. Choosing a fabric that matches to your personality can do wonders to your confidence. Bespoke gives you a big advantage, you can select the color and pattern of your choice, the one that would suits you best.


The Details

Bespoke offers the opportunity to fully customize the styles of your suit. Though the expert tailors would use their experience and know-how to help guide you, but you are free to chose anything between two-button or three button suit, double breasted or single breasted. Lapels, vents, pockets, cuffs, collars all are for you to choose but make sure you don’t go overboard with your choices. We recommend, just keep it simple.



When you go for a bespoke suit, you are assured that you get a special piece that is prepared for you. Since you are the one who has styled and detailed his own suit, you are guaranteed a unique and personalized apparel that is perfectly fit for your body.



Since the suit has been hand crafted by a tailor probably known to you and accessible it is easier to get the adjustments, alterations and fitting done over time. Thus making the garment never go out of fashion and ‘unfit’ to wear.



Since you have the liberty to choose the fabric, its brand and type and other raw materials that would be used to construct your suit and also the tailor that you would engage with, you can always manipulate the pricing and see to it that it doesn’t cost you a large sum of money that you don’t intent to invest.